​The FeedCalculator generates least-cost & high quality feed recipes based on locally available ingredients.

For farmers & Feed Mills

Be in charge of your own feed! This app can formulate feed recipes for broilers, layers, pigs, catfish & tilapia. 

Dairy will be available soon!

Least cost feed recipes

The smart algorithm in the app always calculates recipes for the lowest possible price based on locally available ingredients and prices.

Quality guaranteed!

All recipes formulated by the Feedcalculator are meeting the animal specific feed requirements and are based on international feed standards.

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See how it works!

Make low-cost & high-quality recipes in three simple steps

Step 1

Select your animal species & feed type you need

Step 2

Fill in the current prices of the locally available ingredients

Step 3

Press calculate! And get your optimized recipe and shopping list!

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